LeadHer Hockey Academy was founded based on a passion I have to impact young girls in a powerful way.  Sports is a fantastic platform to teach life lesson and we wanted to start teaching these life lessons to kids at an earlier age.    They will receive quality hockey training but they'll also have the opportunity to explore who they are and find ways to use their strengths and build up others.  Life can be challenging even at a young age and through our sessions we want to equip these girls with tools that will help them navigate this pressure-filled society.  The objective is to introduce a character lesson each session.  That lesson will be reinforced throughout the hockey session.  We look forward to taking this journey with your daughter!  Please reach out if you have any questions.  


Melisa Meccage

I am the director and founder of LeadHER Hockey Academy.  I spent my childhood playing backyard sports with little adult-led structure.  It helped me develop strength and a passion for sports and teaching/mentoring.  I studied and played at the University of Iowa for four years before traveling overseas to continue my hockey development in Argentina and Belgium.  After 3 years on the Junior and Senior National Team I found my passion in coaching.  I coached at the University of Virginia, the University of Iowa and for the last 14 years have coached at Princeton University where we won a National Championship in 2012 and had the privilege to coach and mentor many national team players and 3 Olympians.  I now work for the company my husband and I own, Zag Tours a sports tour company that takes HS and University teams all over the world to engage in life-changing experiences through their sport.  I have four children, Bryce (14), Clara and Cayden (10) and Miah (7).   I look forward to mentoring your future hockey player and leader.  It will be a FUN journey together!

Additional Hockey Leaders

Depending on numbers we will have more mentors and coaches join us as we embark on this fun journey together, building leadership skills and growing as hockey players and young ladies!

Interested in Coaching?  Contact Melisa Meccage - mmeccage@zagsports.com