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Recruiting & Performance Curriculum

Recruiting   Playing field hockey in college is an incredible privilege and opportunity.  I have spent my 20+years of college coaching helping prospective student-athletes navigate the recruiting process while helping them maximize performance on and off the field.  Using that experience, I have developed a program to help High School student-athletes and their families in this process.  I not only want to help them navigate their hockey development, but I also want to help them identify and use their values to find the best academic and field hockey fit!  This process for families can be very confusing, especially with the rules around recruiting consistently changing.  My program not only helps your daughter navigate the college recruiting process but also allows me to better understand your daughter's values and strengths, identify goals and help narrow down your daughter's search to be more efficient with your family's time and resources.  If you are interested in learning more, please reach out!  


1.  Initial Recruiting & Performance Introduction Meeting:

2.  Meetings to go through performance program-including:

     *3-4 60 minute meetings

     *Follow up task list email

     *Design and execution of recruiting profile

     *Social Media Plan

     *Highlight video consultation

3.  Weekly phone Meetings (necessary based on recruiting calendar)

4.  College Coach Contacts

5.  TBD - based on each unique prospective student-athlete

Excited to help your daughter through this process!  

Individual Performance Curriculum

Performance & Recruiting   Maximizing your potential is my goal!  Maximizing potential requires self-reflection, commitment to performance, patience with the process and positivity!  You must also be willing to learn about the influences that will get in the way of your performance, then make a commitment to manage them.  You must be willing to fail, try again, make DAILY commitments and sacrifices and take risks in order to realize individual potential.  If you are interested in learning more about my program please reach out!



Performance Curriculum FOR SALE

Performance Curriculum   Character development is a crucial component when developing players in a team sport.  Team building is secondary to maximizing the strengths of the individual within in each team.    As a club or volunteer organization, coaches are not always equipped or do they have the time to plan or incorporate intentional character and leadership development into their practice plan.   My curriculum is a turn-key program that allows your organization to implement character and leadership building into your practice plan.  We use our experience to reflect your organization's values and goals and help your program maximize the development of your athletes!  Please reach out if you are interested in learning more! 


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