Hockey Curriculum
Fundamentals FIRST

  Due to COVID-19 and limitations with facilities we have moved all sessions to the turf in my backyard.  This allows for low-exposure but high impact for my LeadHER players.  We are still focusing on the fundamentals of the game, but with smaller groups we can customize the training to the level of the group.  This allows us to maximize the potential of each young girl!

  The fundamentals of hockey are the most important piece of the game and provide a platform to play the game with enjoyment. We use video and demonstration of each skill executed correctly. We find ways to creatively teach each skill of the game.  

Importance of FREE PLAY

We are encouraging small group play (2v2) during our sessions.  Our 2v2 sessions focus on free play with parameters (hidden learning guided by the coaches).  Remember the days when all kids went out back and played pick up sports? They explored what tactics worked, allowed the game to teach them and had FUN.  Those concepts are an important area that we want to develop, under supervision.  I will put the girls in groups based on age and level and they will play.  During the session, I will also emphasize a character lesson for the day, the fundamentals focus and most importantly a freedom to think and figure out solutions on their own.    They will look to the coaches for the answer and my expectations is that they figure it out either on their own or with the help of their teammates (a skill much needed in life).   This will take some time and will be introduced gently.  

Leadership Curriculum
Character Lesson Content-Examples

Values and Goal Setting.  This concept feels like something we should introduce at the high school age, but even young kids thrive when they have a goal they believe in and want to reach.  We are going to explore how to connect our values to our goals in hockey, school and life.  

Leadership and Finding YOUR strength Every one of these girls has multiple strengths.  Those strengths can be masked by insecurities or by the desire to be liked or to fit in.  Social media makes this even more challenging.  We are constantly reminded that we are not good enough.  We should be skinnier, we should wear make up, we should be funnier, smarter, more friendly.  We should edit this picture one more time.  We want to help these girl identify their strengths, own them and share them.  

Leadership and Finding YOUR strength What does leadership mean to you?  Is it only bossing someone around?  Do you have to be an expert to be a leader?  We are going to talk about different leadership styles and identify what type of leadership style these girls identify with.   

Using your Voice.   How can we use our voice to make a difference on and off the field.  We're going to explore how our words build up or break down the people around us.  Do our words align with who we want to be.    

Conflict Management.    Conflict inevitably finds it's way into everyone's life and many times (especially for girls) it is what we hear second hand that is so hurtful.  We are going to explore some strategies on how to manage conflict and how to maintain positive fulfilling relationships in your family and outside of your family.